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10 years [Jul. 19th, 2013|12:21 am]
smelly days

Next month marks 10 years since I wrote my first entry in LiveJournal. My revisit to LiveJournal tonight has been sparked by various events over the past few days. Mostly my old life flashing before my mind's eye and a chance conversation with a friend about how Facebook killed LiveJournal for me, and Friendster for her.

In very cheesy few words, reading posts of other LiveJournal users used to be a source of inspiration. Especially a few individuals that I still think about from time to time. Photographs before Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler and Instagram came along (in that order for me). Film-stills that would introduce films to me that I'd otherwise never had known about (which probably made me appear cooler than I probably am). The (sometimes imagined!) inner workings of the select few that I keep on the list, that make me feel like perhaps there is hope for something new and original.

These days, I still scroll my Facebook pages incessantly for inspiration. But have been deeply disappointed by the recycled rubbish repost and what seem like smart-ass punchy one liners of inner thoughts (that should probably have remained as inner thoughts). Still I've stubbornly refuse to hide or block anyone I have accepted as a friend on Facebook as a rule. If only to keep my finger in the wind, and not reject the real world around me.

I miss categorizing my photos, where arranging them in a certain order meant something. I miss taking the time out to organise my thoughts and feelings. I miss fussing over what page/site looks like.

I'm thinking now, to celebrate these 10 years of Livejournal, maybe I should start again!

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